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This masterclass is for women who have at least 30lbs to lose and are ready to put an end to yo-yo dieting forever by creating a healthier lifestyle through simple nutrition so they can lose weight and keep it off! 

In this masterclass, you’ll learn: 

💎 the secret to losing weight and keeping it off
💎 the truth behind fad diets 
💎 dieting and weight loss myths hurting your weight loss goals 
💎 how to eat for weight loss
💎 what to eat for weight loss
💎 my simple 4-Step Glow Up Formula that’s helped me lose 88lbs
💎 how to create your own plan for success

If you’re ready to take back control of your life and you’re ready to stop following silly diet plans that only have you feeling like a failure, afraid to eat certain foods or afraid to live and enjoy life, this masterclass is for you!

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to hop off the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster and lose weight for good by creating a healthier lifestyle and learning how to incorporate SIMPLE nutrition so you don’t have to keep starting and stopping all over again after every weekend, holiday or birthday party! 

Please note: if you are currently struggling with emotional eating such as mindless snacking, stress eating, boredom eating, or eating out of loneliness, fear, anxiety, depression or other forms of emotional eating, this masterclass is NOT for you. 

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Natalie Butler - BS, CNWC, CNC, CWMS

Natalie is a Nutrition Coach, Weight Loss Specialist and the founder of Glow Up Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching.

As a teenager, Natalie began experiencing weight gain and even overheard someone ask if she was pregnant while going off to prom! 

Tired of all of the comments about her weight, she entered the world of yo-yo dieting when she was in college and got trapped into the game of trying to lose weight fast only to regain it shortly after! 

In 2007, Natalie managed to lose 66lbs but like most attempts, she regained it. 

After years of yo-yo dieting, she finally figured out what it takes to lose weight and keep it off! 

Now, using her simple 4-Step Glow Up Formula that helped her lose 88lbs, Natalie shows yo-yo dieters how they can put an end to the constant yo-yo dieting cycle and lose 5-15lbs in 6 weeks without giving up their favorite foods so they can lose weight and keep it off! 

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