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Here’s a Quick Success Story: Meet Whitney

Whitney is a busy real estate agent. When she came to me, she had so many questions because of all the conflicting information she’d seen in the dieting industry. We went over all her questions and Whitney is down 20lbs in 3 months without following any fad diet!

Ready to ditch the diet? 

Meet Your Glow Up Coach 
Natalie Butler

Natalie is a Certified Nutrition Coach,  Weight Loss Specialist and the founder of Glow Up Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching.

After spending majority of her life trying different fad diets, she finally figured out what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. 

It has nothing to do with willpower, fad diets, appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters, flat tummy teas, belly wraps or anything that most fitness influencers and celebrities are selling. 

Following an anti-diet approach, Natalie shows ladies how they can reach their weight loss goals through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Using her 4-Step Glow Up Formula, ladies get to enjoy food freedom and no longer experience the shame and guilt associated with following fad diets.

Instead, ladies receive a simple plan to help them enjoy life WHILE reaching their weight loss goals. 

Using her methods, ladies are able to finally hop off the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster, have a healthier relationship with food, learn how to properly nourish their bodies using gentle nutrition and truly get to experience life without constantly having to worry about the scale!

Do you have a question about nutrition, how to create balanced plates, what to eat or how to fit nutrition into your busy lifestyle? 

Book a 1-hr consultation today and save $50*!
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